David Lyle


Name Professor David Lyle
PhD (University of Sydney)
MBBS (Hons 2.1) (University of NSW)
Broken Hill University Department of Rural Health
University of Sydney
Role in Organisation Professor of Rural Health
Head, Broken Hill University Department of Rural Health
Research  Interests
1.  Lead and Health
2.  Rural Mental Health Services Research
3.  Rural Health Workforce Development
4.  Rural Public Health Research, Evaluation and Development
Brief Bio 
David is a Public Health Physician who has worked in clinical practice, as an academic and as a medical epidemiologist with the NSW Health Department.  In 1997 David established the Broken Hill University Department of Rural Health, a multi-professional academic unit located in far western NSW.  Subsequently he established a Centre for Remote Health Research with the former Far West Area Health Service (now Far West Local Health Network) in 2003.  David is committed to research capacity building in rural Australia.  He has a strong health service development background and research track record that includes work on trauma systems, lead and health, and rural mental health services.  David is currently Chair of the Australian Rural Health Education Network, the national body that represents University Departments of Rural Health.
Top 5 recent publications 
(over last 5 years)
  1. Saurman, E., Perkins, D., Roberts, R., Patfield, M., Roberts, A., & Lyle, D. (2011). Responding to mental health emergencies: Implementation of an innovative telehealth service in rural and remote NSW, Australia, Journal of Emergency Nursing, doi: 10.1016/j.jen.2010.11.005.
  2. Perkins, D., Hamilton, M., Saurman,E., Luland, T., Alpren, C., & Lyle, D. (2010). The GP Clinic – Promoting access to primary health care for mental health service clients, Australian Journal of Rural Health, 18(6): 217-222.
  3. Lesjak, M., Flecknoe-Brown, S., Sidford, J.,Payne, K., Fletcher, J. & Lyle D. (2010). Evaluation of a mobile screening service for Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm in Broken Hill, a remote regional centre in far western NSW, Australian Journal of Rural Health, 18(2): 72-77.
  4. Boreland, F., Lesjak, M. & Lyle, D. (2009).  An evaluation of home lead remediation in an Australian Mining Community.  Science of the Total Environment,408: 202-208.
  5. Boreland, F. & Lyle, D.  (2008). Screening children for elevated blood lead: learnings from the literature, Science of the Total Environment,390: 13-22.