Emily Saurman Bio


Emily Saurman
BA, MA (Applied Ethics), MPH
Broken Hill University Department of Rural Health,
The University of Sydney
Role in Organisation PhD Student
Research  Interests
  1. access
  2. rural health
  3. ethics
Brief Bio  Emily Saurman is a PhD Candidate with the University of Sydney at the Broken Hill University Department of Rural Health. Emily’s PhD is an evaluation of the Mental Health Emergency Care - Rural Access Program – an emergency telepsychiatry program which aims to improve access to emergency mental health care and specialists for communities throughout western rural and remote New South Wales.

It is an exciting project and Emily enjoys the aspect of direct application of findings. Emily will be investigating use of the service and is interested in how and why the service is used as well as the relationship between use and variables of access. Emily believes that an effective service is more than available, accessible, adequate, appropriate, or even acceptable, but that awareness of the service must exist for there to be any impact.

Emily began her academic career in the United States with an undergraduate degree from Randolph-Macon Woman’s College. She came to Australia in 2003 for her post-graduate study and has a Master of Applied Ethics and a Master of Public Health from the University of Wollongong.

5 recent publications 
(over last 5 years)
  1. Saurman E, Lyle D, Perkins D, Roberts R. The successful provision of emergency mental health care to rural and remote NSW- an evaluation of the Mental Health Emergency Care-Rural Access Program. Australian Health Review. 2013-submission.
  2. Saurman E, Perkins D, Roberts R, Roberts A, Patfield M, Lyle D. Responding to mental health emergencies: Implementation of an innovative telehealth service in rural and remote NSW, Australia. The Journal of Emergency Nursing. 2011;37(5):453-9.
  3. Saurman E, Perkins D, Lyle D, Patfield M, Russell R. Mental Health Emergency Care - Rural Access Project: Assessing Rural and Remote Emergency Mental Health in Western New South Wales Australia by Videoconference Technology. In: Cashin A, Cook R, editors. Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing Informatics: Concepts and Applications: IGI Global; 2011. p. 191-203.
  4. Perkins D, Hamilton M, Saurman E, Luland T, Alpren C, Lyle D. The GP Clinic: Promoting access to primary health care for mental health service clients. Australian Journal of Rural Health. 2010;18(6):217-22.
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