Sue Kirby Bio

Sue Kirby
PhD, MSc (Toxicology), MSC (Zoology), BSC
Broken Hill University Department of Rural Health,
The University of Sydney
Role in Organisation Senior Research Fellow
Research  Interests
  1. Rural health service evaluation and development
  2. Chronic disease management in rural and remote
  3. Preventing lead toxicity in children
  4. Rural and remote mental health
  5. Rural and remote health workforce development
Brief Bio Sue is a Senior Research Fellow in the CRERRPHC at the University of Sydney Department of Rural Health in Broken Hill.  She is involved in the Research Capacity Building Program for rural and remote primary health care professionals, and in various rural and remote health service research projects in the Far West of NSW.  In addition, she is developing a review of education, training and supervision models for rural and remote primary health care professionals to evaluate interventions which help in workforce recruitment and retention.

Before coming to Broken Hill, Sue completed a PhD at the Centre for Primary Health Care & Equity at the University of New South Wales entitled “An exploration of the reasons for frequent readmissions in patients with chronic disease: Activation from Frequent Flying to Self-Management”. Sue had a long career as a health service manager in the ACT and the Illawarra before becoming involved in research.

Top 5 recent publications 
(over last 5 years)
  1. Kirby, S.E., Mutimbe, M., Vagholkar, S., Bunker, J., Dennis, S.M. & Liaw, S-T. (2013). How integrated are services for patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease? Perceptions of patients and health care providers, Australian Journal of Primary Health, online: 1-4.
  2. Kirby, S.E., Chong, J.L., Frances, M., Powell Davies, G., Perkins, D.A., Zwar, N.A. & Harris, M.F. (2008). Sharing or shuffling — realities of chronic disease care in general practice, Medical Journal of Australia, 189(2): 77.
  3. Kirby, S., Dennis, S.M., Bazeley, P. & Harris, M.F. (2012). Activating patients with chronic disease for self-management: comparison of self-managing patients with those managing by frequent readmissions to hospital, Australian Journal of Primary Health, online:  1-9.
  4. Kirby, S.E., Dennis, S.M., Jayasinghe, U.W. & Harris, M.F. (2010). Patient related factors in frequent readmissions: the influence of condition, access to services and patient choice, BMC Health Services Research, 10(1): p. 216-224.
  5. Kirby, S.E., Dennis, S.M., Bazeley, P. & Harris, M.F. (2012). What distinguishes clinicians who better support patients for chronic disease self-management? Australian Journal of Primary Health, 18(3): 220-227.
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