Michael Tyrrell Bio

Name Michael S Tyrrell
Qualifications        BSc Hon
Grad Dip  Exec Mangt
Member APS College of Clinical Psychologists
Centre for Remote Health, a joint centre of Flinders University and Charles Darwin University
Role in Organisation PhD Student
Research  Interests
  1. Very remote health practitioner motivations.
  2. Development of a Bush Practitioner’s Motivations Scale.
  3. Human factors in very remote health practitioner retention.
  4. Remoteness as a moderator of key variables relevant to retention.
Brief Bio                   
Michael Tyrrell is a PhD Candidate with the Centre for Remote Health in Alice Springs.  Michael's PhD is entitled "Mercenaries, missionaries or misfits? The key motivations of the health practitioner who stays the distance in the bush".

Michael has clinical and management experience in rural Scotland, Canberra, Port Moresby and Rabaul PNG (70s), where he worked in acute intercultural psychiatry and organisational psychology, in New England Region (NSW, 77-86)  and Central Australia, where he  headed up the NT Government’s regional health and community services (1986-91).

He developed a framework to develop New England’s mental health services  around equitable access to relevant expertise, responsiveness, synergy, continuity and durability – none of which could or can be assumed.

In 1986-91, he used similar principles to develop various health services tailored to the remote needs of the Centre which still stand today, such as the community based addiction resource services and the hospital’s specialist radiology services.  

From 1992 he has delivered psychological consultancy services in Central Australia, with special interests in trauma and the impact of remote living on mental health. His research of the bush practitioner’s motivations and their measurement calls on most of what he has learned over time in the bush.

He has published on expert witnessing trauma, alcohol intervention, very remote hospital management, euthanasia , skills for the new psychologist, sudden death in the bush, and developing a family counselling service for the bush.