Penny Buykx

Name Dr Penny Buykx
BBSc  (La Trobe University)
Grad Dip App Psych (Swinburne University)
Cert Addiction Studies (Curtin University)
PhD (NDRI, Curtin University WA)
Organisation School of Rural Health
Monash University
Role in
Senior Research Fellow
Research  Interests
  1. Mental Health
  2. Alcohol and Drug Use and Related Harms
  3. Models of Health Service Provision
  4. Health Service Evaluation
  5. Population Health
Brief Bio 
Penny is an experienced researcher whose areas of interest include rural health, workforce, health service systems, mental health and drug and alcohol use. Penny has undertaken a variety of epidemiological, clinical, and service evaluation projects and has also conducted several systematic reviews. Current projects include a longitudinal evaluation of a rural Primary Health Service, a review of factors predicting rural health workforce recruitment and retention, and a national project examining patient pathways through alcohol and drug treatment. Penny also co-supervises one of the CRE PhD students.
Top 5 recent publications 
(over last 5 years)
  1. Buykx, P., Humphreys, J., Tham, R., Kinsman, L., Wakerman, J., Asaid, A. & Tuohey, K. (2012). How do small rural primary health care services sustain themselves in a constantly changing health system environment? BMC Health Services Research, 12: 81.
  2. Buykx, P., Humphreys, J., Wakerman, J., Perkins, D., Lyle, D., McGrail, M. & Kinsman, L. (2012). 'Making evidence count' - A framework to monitor the impact of health services research, Australian Journal of Rural Health, 20: 51-58.
  3. Buykx, P., Kinsman, L., Cooper, T., McConnell-Henry, T., Cant, R., Endacott, R. & Scholes, J. (2011). FIRST2ACT: Educating nurses to identify patient deterioration - a theory-based model for best practice simulation education. Nurse Education Today, 31(7): 687-693.
  4. Buykx, P., Loxley, W., Dietze, P., & Ritter, A. (2010). Medications used in overdose and how they are acquired – an investigation of cases attending an inner Melbourne Emergency Department. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health, 34(4): 401-404.
  5. Buykx, P., Humphreys, J., Wakerman, J., & Pashen, D. (2010). A systematic review of effective retention incentives for health workers in rural and remote areas: Towards evidence based policy. Australian Journal of Rural Health, 18: 102-109.