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Meet the CRE Team

Back (L-R): Melissa Lindeman, Steve Guthridge, Susan Thomas, David Perkins, Mike Jones, Matthew McGrail, Penny Buykx, Marita Chisholm, Sue Kirby, David Lyle, Yuejen Zhao, John Wakerman

Front (L-R): Bernadette Ward, John Humphreys, Deborah Russell, Jess Bath, Tim Carey 

Absent:  Leigh Kinsman, Lisa Lavey

Centre of Research Excellence in Rural and Remote Primary Health Care

Overcoming access barriers in relation to primary health care is crucial to achieving equitable health outcomes for Australians living in rural and remote areas.  To address this issue, in 2011, the Australian Primary Health Care Research Institute established a Centre of Research Excellence in accessible and equitable primary health service provision in rural and remote Australia (CRE).

The aims underpinning the CRE in rural and remote primary health care are to develop:


A better understanding of health behaviour relating to primary health care service utilisation in rural and remote Australia;


Better measures of access to guide resource allocation relating to primary health care in small rural and remote communities;


A comprehensive framework for evaluating the impact of rural and remote primary health care services on access and equity of health outcomes; and


Evidence-based models of sustainable primary health care for different rural and remote contexts.