Lisa Lavey Bio

Name Lisa Lavey
Qualifications Associate Certificate of Applied Management
Organisation Monash University School of Rural Health
Role in Organisation

Project Manager - Centre of Research Excellence in Rural and Remote Primary Health Care

Brief Bio  Lisa Lavey is the Project Manager for the CRE and works in the Office of Research at the Monash University School of Rural Health.  Prior to Lisa's secondment as Project Manager to the CRE, she was the Research Administration Manager in the School of Rural Health at Monash University. Lisa has extensive experience working in both La Trobe and Monash Universities, Government Departments such as the North Central Catchment Management Authority and as a Respite Coordinator working with families who have a child with a disability.  She has worked as PAs for Senior Executives as well as managing whole-of-department research, teaching and other port-folio programs.  Lisa has extensive skills in office management, program presentation and marketing, human resources, finance and IT.  Her modern innovative approach and collaborative style, together with the convivial rapport she establishes with external stakeholders, make her a highly respected and valued member of the CRE team.  Her office management achievements were recognised through an award by the Australian Institute of Office Professionals in 2007, and she was a key member of the team that received the Vice Chancellors Award for Exceptional Performance by Professional Staff in 2008.  Lisa has assumed an outstanding leadership role in managing multi-site research programs, and has presented at major national conferences in Australia and New Zealand.

Telephone: 03 5440 9077